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Do Small Business Owners Need an Attorney? 

Running a small business in Minnesota and elsewhere takes a lot of time, hard work, dedication, and money. That’s why it is so important for small business owners to have legal representation – whether it is in-house or on retainer. You need to have someone in your court who can step in to answer quick questions, but who can also help manage and minimize larger disputes.

For small businesses, having an in-house legal team is not often feasible. Very few local startups, restaurants, boutiques, coffee shops, food trucks, and other small businesses are going to have an attorney on staff, unless they have a friend or relative who has volunteered to do the job. Morris Law Group, P.A. offers flexible plans that allow for effective representation of entities with varied budgets; our goal is to help you succeed.

a Small business faces a number of legal issues, ranging from simple issues with paperwork and tax-filing deadlines to liability with customers that could end in a courtroom battle. Understanding each issue and progressing from the start will most effectively happen through the assistance and support of a lawyer. Having a lawyer on the front end will help you do better business and use better documents that will prevent disputes down the road. This preventative work on the front end saves money in the long run. 

Morris Law Group’s three Edina lawyers offer Minnesotans 65 years of combined experience throughout the Twin Cities and surrounding areas. The firm has a reputation for diligence, affordability, honesty – and a high success rate. Our Edina business attorneys provide large legal resources and assistance with a personal touch. We understand your needs, because we are local, too. For more information or to arrange a free consultation, call us today at 952.832.2000 or visit morrislawmn.com

Reasons to Hire a Minnesota Small Business Attorney 

It is easy for a small business to gloss over hiring a lawyer because other matters, including operations, marketing, advertising and human resources are time-consuming and equally important to the sustainability of a business. However, there are many ways that lawyers can help small  businesses.

Those who are looking to start a small business should consider the following reasons to hire an experienced lawyer to help with the process:

  • Entity Selection: If you’re not sure what form of business is best for your startup goals, or if you’re starting a business that is complex, such as having multiple investors or partners, it’s worth consulting with an attorney as well as an accountant. The experienced attorneys at Morris Law Group can help you explore the pros and cons of different forms of business and help you make the right decision.
  • Asset Protection: Every small business should trademark its logo and other identifying brand marks. Trademarks can seem relatively simple, but it is important to register them correctly and not infringe on the rights of other businesses that you may not know about. Consulting a lawyer can cover all these bases for you, and does not have to be a heavy-cost endeavor. 
  • Effective Documentation: Contracts are a must not only for a small business to thrive, but also to protect the business owners’ interests. Having an attorney develop your contracts is worth the money because they can address common areas of dispute so that when questions come up, there are clear answers in the contracts. Further, you should also have an attorney review any contract a client asks you to sign. Again, this does not have to be a costly event, especially as you develop rapport with a lawyer that understands your business and needs as you traverse the ever-changing landscape of your business. In addition, those who are looking for real estate, either for a building or a business asset, can benefit heavily from having a small business lawyer on their team. Morris Law Group, P.A. specializes in real estate transactions and has a title company on-site. Whether you are leasing a space or buying property, hiring a lawyer is in the best interest of your small business’ future.
  • Review a Lease or Purchase Agreement: Maybe you have been able to negotiate with the landlord over provisions you want included in the your commercial lease. Nonetheless, you have this nagging feeling that you’re forgetting something. Consult an attorney. An attorney should always review a lease prior to signing. Minnesota law has many provisions that address commercial leases and it is important to make sure the landlord is following the law. But, it is also important for you to understand your lease so you can best approach your tenancy without unintentionally violating its terms. When reviewing a purchase agreement, an attorney should be consulted before any purchase contract is signed because an attorney can advise you about things like local codes, zoning regulations, assessments against the property, liens, and environmental concerns and much more. Further, an attorney can absolve your need for a realtor (including their commission), which can save you thousands of dollars. 
  • Research Zoning/ Boundary Laws: Zoning can affect where you want to start your business. An attorney can research zoning laws for you. You will then be sure that your business can locate in the area without running afoul of any zoning laws. Also, understanding easements, boundaries, and whether there are other persons or entities that have rights across your land (or land you are looking to purchase) is very important to avoid future conflict. Morris Law Group can handle this for you, give advise for use, and if necessary, assist in the resolution of land matters- whether amicable or litigated.
  • Ensure Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act: Businesses must be in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and an attorney can advise you of what is required under the ADA for your specific business. Again, a little effort on the front end can protect you from major headaches later. 

Existing small businesses have their share of legal issues to contend with and often need a lawyer to help get a resolution that benefits them best. These situations include things like debt collection, hiring and firing employees, and dealing with a lawsuit that has been filed against them. Morris Law Group specializes in these types of matters. 

Starting a new small business is an exciting step for Minnesota entrepreneurs. Registering a company with the state as a business entity – such as an LLC or a Corporation – can add credibility and protect the business from personal liability in the event of a lawsuit. The business law attorneys of Morris Law Firm advise clients on the best entity for their business and help them through the registration process, whether it’s preparing articles of incorporation and partnership agreements to maintaining corporate records. We also counsel clients on their day-to-day business activities, including employee, customer relations and business-to-business transactions. Call us today at 952.832.2000 or visit morrislawmn.com

About Morris Law Group 

Integrity and trust is the foundation of our practice. Our passion for client success is matched only by our experience, our reputation for excellence, and our deep understanding of each and every client’s individual needs. 

At Morris Law Group, we don’t just counsel our clients. We invest in them. 

We’ve been serving the Edina and Twin Cities communities since 2002. Our attorneys provide personalized legal services to clients seeking help in real estate, business development, commercial litigation, and other matters. 

Our experienced Edina attorneys – Founder Richard L. Morris, Lillian Ballard, and Nicholas Henry – believe that relationships matter, whether a client is trying to navigate a purchase agreement, get a business off the ground, or dissolve a partnership. Our lawyers appear regularly in state and federal court, in administrative hearings, and in various alternative dispute resolution forums, including mediation and arbitration.

Morris Law Group is the best Minnesota law firm for all of your real estate and business legal needs. We advocate for our clients with professionalism, empathy, and with a results-driven approach. 

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