Real Estate Transactions

Real Estate Transactions: What You and Your Family Should Know

By Richard W. Hechter, Attorney and Former Real Estate Broker, Morris Law Group Many people experience legal and financial difficulties stemming from so-called “simple” real estate transactions. The problems usually arise from a lack of information. This post provides a list of suggestions and key information compiled from Minnesota attorneys, real estate brokers, and legal […]

How can an attorney help my business survive the pandemic?

How Can an Attorney Help My Business Survive the Pandemic?

Keeping a small business afloat through the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic is a daunting and difficult process. Decreased revenue, a shifting market, and deep drops in consumer spending across Minnesota have put business owners in the difficult position of having to address the fluid economic realities of a post-pandemic landscape.  A reduction in your in-person customer […]

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Commercial Lease Modification: What You Need to Know

COVID-19 has brought about a lot of changes across the country. With the pandemic, businesses are facing challenges that they have not faced before. This blog will address having your commercial lease modified in Minnesota and how a real estate attorney can help you maneuver the process. You should review the details of your commercial […]

Minnesota Eviction Moratorium: Advice for Landlords

Minnesota’s COVID-19-related eviction ban has been extended. While the move by Gov. Tim Walz certainly offers continued relief for financially-strapped renters, it likely has created a hardship for property owners who are also feeling the sting of the coronavirus recession. This blog will provide an update of the Minnesota eviction moratorium and offer advice to […]

Is Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Right for Me or My Business?

Most people are only familiar with Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code because of something they have seen on the news or read on the internet.  When corporations like General Motors, United Airlines, Lehman Brothers, and K-Mart each filed for Chapter 11, the headlines were national – and in some cases international. This blog […]

Minnesota Housing Market Rebound and COVID-19

The Minnesota Housing Market is Rebounding – Are You Ready?

The 2020 housing market is doing better than most experts have predicted. In March, when the COVID-19 pandemic shut down much of the country and sparked a global recession, many assumed the real estate industry would crash along with it. But now, with interest rates strong and home prices at nearly one-and-a-half percent higher than […]

Are Children a Reason to Stay Married?

Remaining in an unhappy marriage might seem like a selfless act if you and your spouse have kids. However, it might be the opposite of what you should do. Divorce may be the best solution for your family. Edina Divorce Attorney The experienced divorce and family law attorney at Morris Law Group, P.A. believes that […]