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Are Children a Reason to Stay Married?

Remaining in an unhappy marriage might seem like a selfless act if you and your spouse have kids. However, it might be the opposite of what you should do. Divorce may be the best solution for your family. Edina Divorce Attorney The experienced divorce and family law attorney at Morris Law Group, P.A. believes that […]

Should I close my small business?

Should I close my small business?

Small businesses are the heart of the American economy. They are truly the places where dreams become realized as they instill a sense of community and inspiration to the cities and towns in which they operate. Sadly, the COVID-19 pandemic has forever impacted the small business landscape, despite the economic stimulus programs Congress has created […]

MN Prenup Attorney | Do I Need a Prenuptial Agreement?

Marriage is a major decision in a person’s life. You’re in love, you’re planning a wedding – a celebration that often takes place in front of loved ones – and you’re thinking about the life you are about to build with your soon to be spouse. You’re likely not thinking about a prenuptial agreement – […]

The Impact of COVID-19 on Marriage and Divorce

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a lot of stress and frustration for many Minnesotans. Trying to manage working from home or dealing with unemployment from lost jobs or reduced working hours, taking care of children’s’ educational needs, and trying to find a balance between social distancing precautions and having to venture out to get the […]

Edina Bankruptcy Attorney | Is Bankruptcy Right for Me or My Business?

COVID-19 has caused many Americans, including Minnesotans, to experience hard times that they could have never anticipated. Local businesses are closing and people have lost their jobs.  If a business or family was struggling before, the pandemic likely spiraled them into a financial hole that feels impossible to climb out of without help.  For some, […]

Loan Modification As a Solution for Small Businesses

Loan Modification Attorney: Asking Nicely Won’t Work

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected businesses in ways many economists never thought possible. For business owners, Minnesota’s stay-at-home order has created economic hardship as businesses that were considered non-essential were asked to close their doors. It’s put many restaurants, salons, and other small businesses at risk for failure. For some, a loan modification may be […]

COVID-19, SBRA, and Business Bankruptcy

COVID-19, SBRA, and Business Bankruptcy: What You Need to Know

COVID-19, SBRA, and Business Bankruptcy: What You Need to Know  COVID-19 has impacted all of us. In addition to the health scare, the pandemic has changed our routines, affected our relationships, and made us worry about the future. Small business owners are suffering the most. The large retailers and restaurant chains will likely bounce back, […]

Minnesota Real Estate Disclosure Law

Minnesota Real Estate Disclosure Laws: Should I File a Lawsuit?

Minnesota Real Estate Disclosure Laws | Should I File a Lawsuit? The real estate litigation attorneys at Morris Law Group, P.A. are well-versed in Minnesota real estate disclosure laws for sellers. We understand what sellers must disclose and what they don’t need to share — and what buyers should expect in the entire process.  Buying […]

Received a foreclosure notice on your home or business?

What Can I Do if my Home or Business is in Foreclosure?

Minnesota still has in place a state-ordered moratorium on home and commercial property foreclosures as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to negatively impact the global and local economy. This blog will review what you can do if foreclosure proceedings have begun on your home or business.  Edina Foreclosure Defense Attorney  The foreclosure process – residential and commercial […]

Minnesota Business Entity

Edina Small Business Attorney: What Kind of Business Entity is Best for Me?

There’s a joke in the small business and startup world that compares entrepreneurship with having a child. It never feels like the “right” time to make the leap, but you do it anyway. Why? Because it’s a big part of the dream you have for yourself and your future; you’ll never know what’s possible if […]