Buying and selling a home or a commercial property is a big deal. There are lots of ins and outs in the real estate world that need to be navigated, which can sometimes cause frustration for prospective buyers and sellers.

That’s why the real estate attorneys at Morris Law Firm are an invaluable resource for Minnesotans everywhere. We offer guidance for buyers, sellers, and renters on everything from commercial and residential sales, purchases and dispute resolution. 

We specialize in real estate matters related to property law, which includes residential and commercial property transactions. Real estate attorneys help ensure there are no hiccups in the buying and selling process. And, having someone who is experienced in real estate law working for you helps you avoid any surprise legal issues that can delay your closing.

And let’s face it: even the best agents can’t answer all the legal questions that could arise in a property transaction. It’s no secret that real estate agents earn high commissions. And sometimes, legal questions arise that a realtor can’t answer. Our Twin Cities law firm is made up of experts in Minnesota real estate and business law. We provide counsel in all matters that arise, including property liens and contract reviews. We will guide you through the decision-making process quickly and efficiently, which saves both buyers and sellers time and a lot of money. 

One of the biggest advantages to hiring an attorney is that you are paying someone who will solely working for you. In a buying situation, a real estate agent may represent you and not the seller, but it is the seller that is ultimately paying the agent’s commission. An agent won’t get paid unless the sale is completed, so you can never trust if you are getting the best advice or if the agent is just looking to ensure their commission. In addition, an agent may encourage you to make a higher offer on a property just to pad their payout.

Another advantage to hiring a real estate attorney is a simple one: peace of mind. Buying and selling real estate can be very stressful for both the buyer and seller, and you never really know what conflicts of interest may exist when you use a real estate agent.

This is particularly the case if you are purchasing a home or commercial property without a buying agent. A real estate attorney with the offices of Morris Law Firm can review the contract to make sure it does not work against you and unfairly favor the seller.

Most notably, real estate attorneys are bound by attorney-client privilege – strict, professional rules of confidentiality. Your attorney will not disclose information that you do not want known. You can speak with an attorney without worrying the information you share will be released in any manner.

In the event that you have a realtor who is representing you and the other party involved (buyer or seller), it would be in your best interest to hire a real estate attorney – you will need an industry expert on your side to protect your interests.

Unlike an agent, a real estate attorney has no financial interests in seeing whether the real estate deal go through because they are paid by an hourly rate, instead of a flat rate.

A real estate attorney is well versed in other factors of buying and selling property such as titles, taxes, deeds, zoning, and estate planning. In addition, a real estate attorney will prepare and review documents essential to the purchase, including purchase agreements, mortgage information, and title and transfer forms.

If there is a legal problem related to a property purchase, a real estate attorney can provide legal counsel and represent you in court – a real estate agent cannot. An experienced real estate attorney can investigate and analyze facts and information for you in ways an agent cannot. For example, if a property you are looking to purchase has liens or other legal obstructions, a real estate attorney can best tell you how to proceed.

A real estate attorney from Morris Law Firm can provide legal advice about the property purchase/sale, prepare closing documents, prepare title insurance policies and perform title searches, and oversee the transfer of money at closing.

We value our clients. We appreciate the trust they place in us to represent them. And, we want to help.

The buying and selling of property is often rewarding – but not without challenges. The Minnesota real estate lawyers at Morris Law Group assist clients in all areas of buying and selling homes and businesses. We represent different parties in the purchase, sale, financing, and leasing of property from single-family homes, cooperatives, and condominiums as well as major commercial and industrial properties. 

Commercial and residential real estate sales often require an attorney’s help to ensure a client’s best interests are protected. Our real estate attorneys represent buyers and sellers in the acquisition and disposition of office parks, retail locations, hotels, single-family homes, condos, and other residential and commercial properties. 

When it comes to real estate business, honesty, integrity and trust are key. Clients come to Morris Law Firm to successfully represent them in real estate matters. We’ve earned a longtime reputation for legal excellence, and our attorneys represent every single case with honesty, conviction, and compassion. Whether it’s state or federal court, mediation, or arbitration, Morris Law Group is the best Edina law firm for help with all of your real estate and business legal needs. 

Whether it’s your home or business, you are important to us. Reach out today to set up a free consultation with one of our experienced lawyers. Just give us a call at 952.832.2000.

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About Morris Law Group 

Morris Law Group is an Edina, Minnesota-based law firm providing cost-effective client services in the areas of real estate, business development, commercial litigation and more. Founded in 2002 by Richard L. Morris, the firm’s experienced and skilled attorneys fight for our clients until a positive outcome is reached.

We believe that relationships matter, whether a client is trying to navigate a purchase agreement, get a business off the ground, or dissolve a partnership. Our lawyers appear regularly in state and federal court, in administrative hearings, and in various alternative dispute resolution forums, including mediation and arbitration. And they do it all with a personal touch that only a law firm focused on community and teamwork can bring.

Morris Law Group is the best Minnesota law firm for all of your real estate and business legal needs. We advocate for our clients with professionalism, empathy, and with a results-driven approach. 

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