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Edina Real Estate Lawyer | What Are My Rights as a Tenant in Minnesota?

Most of the time, landlords are reasonable, law-abiding property owners who treat their tenants with fairness and respect. However, there are times when a landlord may try to circumvent the law for their own benefit. If you have a landlord you believe is breaking the law or the terms of your rental agreement, the Edina […]

Edina Real Estate Lawyer | Why You Should Hire an Attorney Instead of a Realtor in a Property Purchase or Sale

Buying and selling a home or a commercial property is a big deal. There are lots of ins and outs in the real estate world that need to be navigated, which can sometimes cause frustration for prospective buyers and sellers. That’s why the real estate attorneys at Morris Law Firm are an invaluable resource for […]

Edina Real Estate Lawyer | Top 5 things to Think About Before You Sign A Lease

Lease renewals typically come up at least once a year. At the same time, people move and sign new leases all the time. The Edina real estate lawyers at Morris Law Group want to help answer your residential lease questions so you feel comfortable making the right decisions for you. We know that not all […]