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Frequently Asked Questions

I am buying a commercial property. Do I need an attorney?

Purchasing a commercial property is a great way to make some extra income and boost your overall bottom line. However, buying a shopping center, office park, office building, restaurant, or other commercial property comes with risks. The ins and outs can be confusing, from tort laws to insurance laws – and much more. A Minnesota real estate attorney can review commercial real estate contracts and other documents to make sure the buyer understands them. In addition, a lawyer can help a client decide if the investment is right for them and offer protections along the way.

What kinds of real estate law cases call for litigation? Is it necessary?

Much of a real estate lawyer’s role is to review complicated contracts and help clients navigate through the complicated transaction process. However, litigation is sometimes necessary to bring about the desired end result. A Minnesota real estate attorney who specializes in litigation can help clients win cases stemming from homeowners’ association disputes, construction delays or negligence, contract breaches, landlord-tenant disputes, and more.

Why should I use a real estate attorney instead of a realtor when buying a home or business?

Even the most experienced real estate agents can’t answer legal questions or address potential legal issues that often arise during residential and commercial real estate transactions. The best real estate attorneys in Minnesota will help pres. What’s more, choosing a real estate lawyer over a realtor will ultimately save you money. How? There’s no need to pay a realtor commission if you work with an attorney instead.

I got a foreclosure notice. What do I do?

Homeowners worried about losing their home need a Minnesota foreclosure attorney on their side. Why? Many banks and lenders refuse to work with homeowners looking for help. And few, if any, will consider a mortgage modification by a consumer request alone. A lawyer can step in and advocate to save your home by working with lenders and other creditors to secure loan modifications and other relief. A foreclosure lawyer also will protect a client’s rights in debt collection defense, debtor harassment, unlawful repossession, real estate fraud, unfair competition, and trademark violations.

I’m a contractor, and a homeowner is dodging payment for my work. What are my options – and do I need an attorney?

A mechanic’s lien is a claim against the value of a building or property to secure payment for materials or services provided to improve the property. The lien makes the property owner ultimately responsible for all of the expenses incurred in improving a property. The owner is responsible for paying all subcontractors and material suppliers, even if the owner has already paid the contractor in full. If the owner does not pay off the lien, the lienholder may go to court to get an order enforcing the lien against the property. A Minnesota construction law attorney can help contractors through the lien process.


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